Survivor RADIO [85]
Tue at 17:01
The moment you break two toolboxes in a row & you're miles from home..
Tue at 19:55
Wed at 0:19
Great. Having trouble with the cfg.loot file stuff once more. All has worked out fine up until after 12 am tonight. How strange. Gonna wipe the mod folders & reinstall. Hope it works.
Wed at 3:17
All good! Seems all turned out well in the end. :thumb: Hope the game doesn't turn it into a habit :p
ARTyom a
Wed at 15:20
It's all yours L-G
Wed at 16:03
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Loner-GhostHere you see a small view of the entrance of this new area.
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Added 1 new map addition: new Brensk
This abbandoned village in the south has been completly reworked.
This location now is an abbandoned military/ medicinal refugee camp.
Beware, there might be lurking some bandits there. ;)
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Razzlie   uploaded 2 images to Player SCREENS
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Added 1 new map addition: Vorkuta Suburbs.
Its located east of Vorkuta Outskirts and west of the village of Jalovisko.
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Razzlie   The top floor of the construction building is a little messy. It's like ice. You slide across it and risk falling off. I were lucky I walked slowely up there :p
Loner-Ghost   thats a common issue with this building. its a glitch with the middle of the top floor.
placing a wood or metal floor on this position, fixes it.
like the baseowners in norinsk did.
Razzlie   Ah very well. Wasn't aware of that. But otherwise I find Vorkuta Suburbs to be a pretty fresh addition to the north. A small urban neighborhood suits the location. The state of the place gives me the impression it wasn't fully completed. A project frozen in time, never to be finish.
That's just my take on it.
ARTyom[Esseker] The map waypoint and location markers have been disabled. The weapon reticle has been disabled.
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ARTyom   That was not easy btw...
ARTyom   uploaded 12 images to FINALdayZ | Esseker
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1. rewrote the swap kit kit to fix the bug with the 2 primary weapons. it now works as intended
2. added a new function to the swap kit script: if the clothes where not taken before swapping, the clothes will be added to your gear automatically now (with a chance for them to the destroyed as with the take clothes script)
3. mining stones: sound added
4. fixed a bug with 1 wreck giving the wrong loot
5. the better equipped AI now has a small chance to have a coyote or large gunbag.
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ARTyom[Esseker] Chokory has been forsaken.
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