Артём   registered to FINALdayZsurvivor
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ARTyom   Welcome survivor...
FINALdayZsurvivor has reached a new record of 200 registered users today!
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ARTyom   WOOT!

The server is open now.
Please post any bugs on here.

Good luck and stay alive! :)
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ARTyom   Awesome my friend. My PC(server) has been ordered as of yesterday. This is gonna be great :)
TheLonelyBandit   Good on you Loner hopefully the server is still going well! Looking forward to giving it a crack soon :)
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Survivor RADIO [95]
Wed at 15:58
Looks like Namalsk might be down? Hasn't been showing up for a few minutes.
Wed at 16:08
Yeah offline on DZlauncher :thumb:
Wed at 16:19
best check the tlr site for infos :)
Wed at 16:20
I posted that it will be down for max 1 hour due to maintenance
Wed at 16:44
Oh okay been meaning to check out that site sorry bout that
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